It’s relatively early. Not universally early. But pretty early. 6:49. Burbank airport. Smooth sailing from the moment I got up til the moment I reached the gate. Red hot chili peppers. Hit my snooze a whopping 51 minutes worth. I don’t know why I always insist on having more time when I know I take a 15 minute shower. Anyways. How great it is to lay in bed thinking of Enrique and his glorious fingers. And his cock that made me squirt a small clear puddle which I attempted to scoop up and identify like “no way!” I squirted!” I squat? Anywho. I think I’m shooting virtual reality today, because of my early flight. But maybe it’s just a regular boy girl scene except the male talent and wardrobe are pretty similar to the last scene I shot for this same company so I’m wondering. Anyways I’m ready for whatever the day brings. I’ve had my coffee. Tomorrow I’m having breakfast with a bud, lunch with another bud and dinner with the virtual reality enemy of today’s director muwahahaha. He wants me to eat tacos. But my agent told me I need to lose some weight. I can take it. I’m a big girl. No pun intended. One day. One day I will have ALL my shit together. I will habitually eat spinach for breakfast and workout 2 hours everyday as the sun comes up and have the perfect balance of diet and fitness to keep my tatas enormous. You can call me Natatash. Yes. 
God I miss his FUCKING fingers. His fuck fingers. F-fingers. Fffffingers. I think he has a system. An algorithm. He’s cracked my code. Yum. 
Fuck I have to lose weight. This is what it means to be over 25: not a single day off. In regards to gym/diet, and especially when the heavens hath blessed you with tits and ass in a 5’2 frame…. not one day can be afforded. 
“I wanna listen to the radio driving down calexico highway. And now I know the signs” – Encore, RHCP
Man they’re so good. Cough. Anyways. I’m one of those people that escapes into her mind when good music is playing and gets a little lost in there. Not particularly attractive from the outside but it makes me feel so fuck you. I don’t do it ALL the time… I just feel like they wrote this album just for me that’s all. No big deal. I’ve had some interestingly sweet experiences with animals lately, up in the bay where I chose to run to after all of my passions for LA got sucked dry. And their album cover for The Getaway is a little brunette girl walking with a bear, raccoon and a bird. Fine I’m a little weird right now. 

The humans are starting to line up. Boarding group B, bitches! Okay you got me. Can’t really sell that one. 
There are a lot of sexy men on this flight. There must be some business suit convention in Vegas today. Yes. Must be. I just always thought they met at the wearhouse. Business men intimidate me, though I could see myself being a business woman one day. They’re just so confident and put together. But I have a respect for the orderly. It’s an honorable trait to master. I’m alright at it. But I could be better. If I wore a suit I think I would occasionally dominate some pathetic soul who worked lethargically from his cubicle and took way too many coffee breaks. I would have no shame cuz he would be a pathetic loser and I’d force him down on me so, well, forcefully, that he wouldn’t have time to think things thru and would inevitably find himself begging for my juices all over his face, and I’d give him whatever I had. 
That and I’d probably have the perfect daily routines à la 40 year old virgin. 
Well…. I think you’ve seen enough. 
-Natasha Nice ❤ 



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